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Melanie is an author, poet, Certified Story Grid Editor, and Associate member of the Institute of Professional Editors. Born in Launceston, Tasmania Melanie now cat-wrangles four school aged children with her husband in Brisbane, Queensland.

She’s currently working on her own middle grade performance story, writing a haiku a day to practice precision word choice, and she has the first draft of a spy thriller novel waiting in the wings.

Melanie has a passion for middle grade and young adult stories as well as spy stories, fairy tales and she is rapidly developing a fondness for master detective novels. A past career as a logistics planner developed Melanie’s love of plotting and solving plot problems.

Melanie manages her fear of everything on a daily basis and lives by the motto, feel the fear and do it anyway. If you’d like help with plotting and plot problems but you’re scared they are unsolvable, she’d love to help.

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