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I have short stories and poems published in the following anthologies, and I'm currently working on my first middle-grade novel.  

Children's Stories


This anthology of stories is for children aged roughly between 7 and 12 but includes a few for older or advanced readers.

Each story or poem features a magical or mythical being. Half the stories are light (daylight) stories and half are dark (nighttime or moonlight) stories.

Included are my stories:

Selkie Skin - Emer was told not to lose her skin if she wishes to return to the sea. She's about to find out what happens when her skin is wanted by another person desperate to escape their life.

Battle for the Forests - Air Marshal Sylvie Daylight, a Sylph, launches an all-out attack on the Gnome army. When the last few survivors limp back to base she must work out what secret weapon General Grubbi has and how to defeat it before he raizes the Arden Forest to the ground.


Authors were challenged to choose one or more animals from an alphabetical list (or to suggest their own) and then to create stories, poems, or facts about them. Stories and poems are at different levels, so this is a collection to share with the whole family. It’s up to you, the reader, to choose the stories you want to read now and those you might leave for later or share with someone younger.

My story Bunyip Moon tells the story of Malanna the Bunyip who is waiting for her egg to hatch. When odd creatures dancing with fire threaten her billabong, Malanna must find a place to hide the egg until it’s safe for it to hatch.


In 2018 my 9 minute script 'Maddi's White Christmas' was animated and projected onto Brisbane's City Hall as part of the nightly Christmas Parade through the city.


The artwork is amazing and incredibly complicated. Click below to watch.


Here are two of my short stories published on the Kid's Book Review website.

Adult Work

OUR SPIRIT - Creative works of Australian Defence Force Women from the 1960s onwards

Editors: Melanie Bird CSC and Jennifer Crane

Stories of 28 female ADF members from the 1960s to today.
Blurb: Many books discussing Australian Service Women examine the political decisions of the era and detail significant historical dates and events.
Our Spirit is not a historical book, but rather a collection of stories, essays, poems, letters, emails, photos and artwork by Australian Service Women who served from 1960 to today as a creative representation of their service and offering a valuable insight into their personal experiences.
Our Spirit also includes a Timeline of Firsts, a unique chronology of the achievements and advancements of our servicewomen over the decades from the 1960s.

Copies can be purchased here

18 - Vision Writers Group Anthology

In September of 1996, a collection of speculative fiction authors founded Vision Writers. Now, in celebration of eighteen years bleeding on the page, we present 18, a collection of stories showcasing our best-emerging talents.

Featuring cave crocodiles and spell-absorbing beards, a séance with soul, a night in a gypsy caravan to make all your wishes come true and a journey through hell that will make you swear to be good. Come with us to rebuild the world clock, face the dragon queen and hide from the thing under the bed.

Assuming you can escape the floating car…

Black Queen - Eloise is growing up in a world where dragons have enslaved humans. Her mother, Helana, is Lady-in-Waiting to the Black Queen.

A lonely childhood sees her befriend Crown Prince Malicay—the only young dragon in the mountain Citadel where the Black Queen resides. When Eloise and Malicay walk into the Black Hall to declare their love for each other, the Queen responds in the most expected way. Malicay takes risks Eloise does not expect.


In 2014, Vision Writers published an inaugural collection of speculative fiction stories, “18”. In 2016, we’re at it again, and this time, we’re digging deep and going dark.

If you’re brave enough to gaze into the abyss (beware: it’s watching you), you’ll find a woman caring for a monster, a father’s suffocating guilt, a jumping castle, a tale of the Horseman, a military science experiment gone wrong (don’t they all?), a lake monster, some mutants in a hole, and of course, a bizarre trip through the mind, with a doppelganger and a booze-soaked wombat in a 1969 Kombi.

So be sure to read this under the covers with the torch on and the windows locked. There are dark things out there. And there are even darker things in here.


Poetry d'Amour has become such a shining star in the West Australian poetic landscape. A night of enchantment and its tellings are collected in these pages. These poems are as varied and individual in their depictions of love as the poets who have created them. There are well-established poets published alongside many new and emerging poets and the poems shimmer for their propinquity to each other every bit as much as by their own reflected light.

Out of print.

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