You, this is me. Over! by Clinton Beaudel Dooley

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You, This Is Me. Over. charts former Green Beret, Clinton Beaudel Dooley’s journey from elite soldier and seasoned veteran of both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, to his struggles with post traumatic stress disorder after several tours of duty, a near fatal breakdown, and through his recovery.

Melanie’s Hill 


I wandered and pondered as I searched the thickets of my life’s own destined dream; that is until I finally found my way to the path that led me to the top of Melanie’s Hill


Lost in an endless forest of wooded words I was; wooded words rolling across ancient purple passioned mountains of feelings long since felt  


Poetic leaves swaying in a timeless chatter from all the emotional branches that shook within my gusting winds of artistic expressions


Round and round I walked in an endless forest of self exploration, I was spread out amongst the scribbled scrolls of my own life’s journaled journeys 


But one day, I found a wise spirit in the form of a man along my path, he pleasingly smiled and  I simply asked him “Where do I go to find my way?” he simply pointed to Melanie’s Hill 


The spirit said “For there you will see the way forward, for there you will find the path through, and across to the other side of your heart’s calling”


Melanie’s Hill, oh what a special place it was indeed, where searching poets travel far and wide to hear the lady of the forest’s whispered wisdom


Where paragraphs become sonnets, errors become opportunities, suggestions become creative and inspiring provocations to the artist’s inspiration


Each wisdom whispered steady calling to the sons and daughters of poetic-quilters, each poem becoming better and better through the reading of her simply falling star comments


This is the place where poets go with their patched poems of each our own heart’s stories; however, most times we are absent of the needled thread in which to weave them all into a beautiful quilt


So if you are a wandering traveler of the feathered pen, and you are also rich in precious minerals from your own heart’s treasured excavations?


With a pleasing smile upon my face I say to you “GO!… go to the place where the lady of the forest reveals her whispered wisdom…


…simply follow your own path to the top of Melanie’s Hill, and there you will see your way across to your own life’s poetic calling”


-Clinton Beaudel Dooley (30-MAR-2022)